Monday, 4 June 2012

Weekend Nothingness

Woke to a foggy and drizzly morning.

Getting stuck on the station because of wet weather, again ... well it wasn't the weekend I had planned on or really the one I wanted but in the end it was the one I needed. Can't complain because the weather can't be helped and really rain is mostly a good thing, it is a lot better than none at all.

Someone has been having fun.

So back to my thriller of a weekend ... after doing all my houseworky jobs around the quarters and in the schoolroom, catching up on emails and wandering aimlessly around the place I did eventually just sit down and watch a movie. Mind you, it took me until Saturday night get to that point. As I said plenty of wandering around aimlessly, a bit of organising school work, a bike ride (although a very short one, too wet) and possibly a lot of chatting to Mr Sparky on that brilliant invention Facebook (that would be the only reason I like it, to keep in touch with people).

Clouds coming over again.

An active little fellow playing around at the gate.

Loyalty = waiting for the boss at the gate
no matter how long he takes.

What a bright moon poking out of the clouds.

Sunday was pretty much the same. There was a lot less housework, a bit of baking, a bit of sitting around the table talking with the families, a lot less chatting on social networks, a bit more school stuff, a bit more riding and just to top it off another movie ... yes I could get used to this kind of weekend

One of a few cheerful visitors.


Skippy, Skippy, Skippy the bush kangaroo.

Another beautiful sunset, what a hardship to endure.
The steers grazing, well they were til I came along.

Hmm mustering on bicycle ... who knows might catch on.

These fellas were in the yards not to long ago
and are rather curious
about the strange invader on two wheels.

Now I wonder who did that?

So fat they nearly roll but boy these boys can run.


  1. Love the pictures as always - especially moonrise.

  2. Beautiful photos. There's something amazing about the skies in Winter, so much clearer, the sunsets so vivid. Sounds like a weekend that recharges the batteries. And yes, cattle are certainly dubious of people on bikes!

  3. Thanks Jacana and Fiona. Yes, it was a great weekend for recharging. Yes, the clean, crisp air does make for beautiful sunsets. At the moment I am so thankful for the perfect winter weather with mainly clear skys. The steers are pretty curious and some even think about following me right up until they realise their mates are chickens.


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