Tuesday 12 June 2012

Count Down

We are back to the schooling grind stone after a great weekend and the holiday countdown has started ... 9 school days until the end of term (give or take, mainly take with mustering happening at last). The kids have been dying to start a count down since the beginning of term so I finally folded and the numbers have started going backwards on the blackboard.

Miss Yr 7 trying to dial in for on air ... telebridge issues, again.

Being the Queen's Birthday holiday on Monday it was a long weekend and this time we actually had the extra day off. I think for the first time since the slave driver I started here. Gee, it makes me sound like a hard task master but I actually think it might nearly be the first long weekend I haven't been stuck on the property due to rain since I started working here. Lets face it there is only so much sitting around looking at mud you can do so instead we do school. Apparently it only started to rain when I arrived (according to the bosses) ... the problem is it has forgotten to stop for normal weather phenomenams like the dry season (approx May to October). Well that is enough on the weather other than to say that it is finally dry enough to muster, much to everyone relief, meaning cattle work was able to start just one week shy of being a year behind.

A beautiful end to a lovely weekend
as the landscape is bathed in the golden light of sunset.

The kids loved their short break, as did I (that's another story). Mr Yr 1 enjoyed it so much he requested a 5 day weekend next time. I responded by telling him that in 11 days (including the coming weekend) he could have a 14 day long weekend. To which he solemnly nodded and agreed to being a good idea. We won't mention the chuckles from the Yr 4 side of the room (oh my gosh they actually got it YAY!).

My short break might have had views like this.

Today was another busy day in the schoolroom popping from reading poetry to completing multiplication to learning about air pressure.

Mr Yr 1 and his magic halving machine.
Now it is whole ...

Now it is in halves.

Miss S got very creative in English
representing the abstract noun excitement.

To her the rides at the show are excitement.

Finished product to send to the teacher
with her maximum 6 words to go with it.
'Excitement is fun, bright and colourful.'

Mr and Miss Yr 4 did an erosion
experiment in science this afternoon.
Everything was measured just so ...

... then growing numbers of litres
were pored on each dirt hill.

Resulting in some pretty drastic erosion.

Results showing how much the dirt hills shrank
were recorded in graphs.

Today everyone used Wordle
to practice their spelling words ...

... and they created some interesting arrangements.
Wordle can be found here
just click on create and away you go.

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