Monday, 18 June 2012

Word Cloud Fun

Tagxedo, our newest found toy to use with words.
It looks cool doesn't it. The kids certainly thought it was.

Today to start off our spelling practise after doing a pre test and getting our look, say, cover, write, check lists ready everyone had a go at typing their words into tagxedo, an online word cloud maker. What made this tool even cooler was when looking at the finished product on the screen you can move your mouse over words and they are enlarged. Perfect for reading them as you look at them.

What we did was went to the Tagxedo web site here and then clicked on start now. What came up was a pretty blue word cloud and a list of actions on the left. We clicked on load at the top of the list right under the word Tagxedo. We then clicked on the box titled enter text and the kids put in their spelling list with each word separated by a space. After pressing submit to the right of the box we then clicked the X on the top right corner so we could see out creations. For mine I just put in the web page address for Grit and Giggles and submitted it. 

We then tried out the options on the left of the word cloud clicking on the arrows beside them to change the shape, font and theme (this changes colour). Then to finish off we clicked on the save/ share/ print and the kids printed a copy to take home with their new spelling list for the week. I also saved a copy as a jpeg so I could show them off on here. Look at the four very different word clouds that came from the kids ...

Mr Yr4

Miss Yr4

Mr Yr1
Miss Yr7

... pretty cool. Go on have a go. It is a tonne of word fun.


  1. It does look like lots of fun. I have tried Wordle but this one looks even better. xx

  2. Hi Nellie, it is better. Being able to make shapes from the words makes it a lot more fun.


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