Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Long Weekend

A long weekend isn't exactly something I have had since I started governessing. I guess it is mainly because I have been given other times off or we because are usually just too busy to even think about it. Well that changed with this Queen's Birthday long weekend.

My weekend started on Friday afternoon like this ...

One of the fabulous gullies around here.

Some of the ladies out for an evening stroll.

Wattle coming into flower.

 and ended on Monday afternoon like this ...

Don't worry I was stopped (practically) as he was super slow.

The best part of the whole road.

This fella was sun baking, flat on his back,
legs in the air when I drove by

In the middle however there was plenty of time with Mr Sparky as well as time visiting his family and friends and lots of this ...

Mr Sparky stole my other camera.

Who can object to a view like that.

Or a view like this.

What kind of mad person are they paragliding with a boat.

The Red Barron doing scenic flights over the coast

Now that looks like a fun way to spend the day.

A beautiful sunrise.
That time between dark and daylight before they turn off the lights.

What a way to start the day
in a sea kayak under the golden sunrise.

Ahhh what a nice weekend. How was your long weekend?

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  1. What a beautiful long weekend. Your photos are amazing. Such a contrast in colours from bush to ocean. xx


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