Friday, 1 June 2012

Smart Choices

Sometimes I don't make smart choices. Like this afternoon when I decided to head to town to see Mr Sparky. Well lets just say I am still on the station and the road is a little messier than it was (especially after I slid up it sideways). I did however manage to turn around on the driest patch of road I could find and NOT get bogged while doing it and then make it back the house with only a few sliding mishaps and one "oh crap dear, don't get bogged here I'm nearly at the house" moment.


By the way please note I am not really the pink gumboot type but they are pretty cool. Not everyone wears such a pretty accessory to get to town especially decorated by nature like mine are now.

So back to the topic ...

Smart choices ...well isn't that ultimately what we want children to learn (along with how to read, count, blow their nose etc).  We want them to make smart choices, to think about their actions, to make the right decision instead of the wrong one whether it is related to school or other activities. Unfortunately for them what we (as adults and carers) consider a smart choice isn't always what they, the children, consider as a smart choice.

For instance for some reason Miss Yr7 has decided it is a smart choice to take 3 times longer than the allocated time to do her maths. Luckily some changes in the schoolroom and a firm talk with her teacher (mainly the talk I am thinking) seem to have righted her reasoning for now.

We have had many other not so smart choices made by the kids in the last couple of weeks but also some not so smart choices about how I deal with it. I know some times I look back and wonder why an earth I reacted the way I did but I guess that's how you live and learn. The kids certainly know which buttons to push and I swear they take bets on which reaction they will get.

Enough of that though because we have good times as well and I like to think the good outweighs the not so good.

Now as for me I think I better work on making good choices when the weather is involved ... well actually I did make a good choice, I came back instead of getting bogged further down the road. Now lets hope next weekend brings some sunny weather.

Sun breaking through the clouds.
Can you see the face?
By the way any brilliant behaviour management tips are always appreciated.


  1. Firstly I must say how much I admire the pink gumboots. A true fashion statement for the outback. You could start a trend.

    On the topic of behaviour management - Well keeping them in at recess and lunch in your school won't exactly work!
    As a teacher when all else fails me I often address the student and state what I think is wrong and then ask the question "what or how can I change as your teacher to make you not want to do ....... again?". I have always scored a response of it is not you it is me that needs to change. Then I ask what they can do to ensure ..... doesn't happen again.
    I also use the line of will complaining and throwing a hissy fit about it change the fact that it has to be done? And will it reduce or increase the amount of time spent on it? Students soon realise that it is better to get it over and done with.
    Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Jacana,
    Firstly I would much prefer some with big, fat cow spots or maybe something chearful looking if I am going to start a fashion trend.

    Thanks for the behaviour management advise ... It has been filed away for when it is next needed. Thankfully this week is off to a good start.

  3. The only problem I would have with pink gummies is that they would never stay that colour.....

    I will be using the behaviour advice... I often need to walk away. I use the if you "if you spent half the time doing the work as you do grumbling about it you would be finished by now"


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