Sunday, 22 February 2015

Backtrack to the Family Farm

This post slots in way back there at the end of January. Just a bit of a gap to fill. After that flight south, way back then, we made a quick detour to the Sunshine Coast to say 'hi' to my Grandparents who were holidaying and because that it where taxi driver Mum had been gate crashing for a couple of days.

It was dreadfully short and I just had to get sand on my feet and test out the water.

Also just had to have the obligatory fish and chips for lunch. Such a hardship.

We headed back to the Family Farm, arriving back in the late afternoon.

Ahh, time to relax for a bit.

After unpacking I just had to get out and wander around, taking random photos of anything that caught my eye.

Everyone else ended up outside as well. It was such a nice evening. A game of frisbee even got going.

Mr Sparky and I went to check out chooks and such. They were still there.

The cattle were still around as well.

The land had that funny greenish golden look, the green from rain but starting to dry off. Beautiful and Mr Sparky finally got to see the place looking greenish.

We checked out the interesting fencing.

And I checked out the sky, clouds and anything else.

Old machinery along with other bits were drooled over by Mr Sparky who want them all for our 'one day' garden.

The moon was bright and clear in the sky.

The setting sun lent a yellow hew.

The others caught up with us, frisbee and all but then I was headed to find the sunset.

Ahhh, home but not home. Some time out of the city, some cherished time with family.

Also for those waiting with baited breath I didn't end up taking that job offer. I decided I just couldn't do a distance relationship again, not yet. The whole thing stressed me out completely and saying no in the end was a kind of relief. Maybe I'll regret this later, maybe not. I've had working for that organisation, traveling around and working with kids in the bush, in my head for a few years now. Maybe this wasn't the time or maybe it was and I missed the memo or maybe I was a chicken. Some others weren't so happy with my choice but I am and that is what matters.


  1. Great set of pictures.

    It may not be the Meal of Kings, but Fish and Chip may be the King of Meals!

    Have you had any issues with the cyclone?

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. You are pretty spot on about fish and chips. Cyclones, no we are too far north. We're in Cairns. It cleared our weather and I'm not liking the reminder that it is summer. Thanks! Have a good week.

  2. Beautiful photos! And now I'm hankering for some fish and chips!

    1. Thanks! I am thinking fish and chips sounds pretty good myself.


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