Tuesday 17 February 2015


"Just remember if you are not a business man but you still like fast cars, the Aussies come to the rescue" or something like that. I am sadly watching Top Gear. Guess they liked Aussie utes which are avaliable in England now apparently. They were giving advice on buying a fast car if you aren't a business man or if you were and they were showing two Aussie made vehicles one a ute the other not. So that other car, Bat-hurst ... um it it Bathurst. Oh now it it bart-hurst, hmmm.
Slightly off topic.

I might not be completely obsessed with Top Gear (mind you don't mind it every now and again as their trips are pretty amusing) but I am slightly obsessed with that steam train visiting at the moment. So today found me hanging out and waiting for that steam train to get back in after its trip to Mareeba.

I wasn't the only one but there were a heck of a lot less people than on Sunday.

It was quite nice just sitting, well standing, waiting. 

Actually there is a bit of a pre story to this event involving me snoozing in the chair like a Grandma, waking to realise I really had to go. Grabbing everything and jumping in the car. On arriving I went to grab my camera and, you guessed it, no camera. It was happily relaxing on my table at home. Luckily I had a back up in my bag, luckily I brought the bag. I have been carting around another camera that sometimes works and has mold growing in the lens for some reason. I guess I know why now. So that is the very interesting story of how we have photos on this post.

So back to waiting and enjoying seeing blue sky and sun. It was nice after over a week of full on rainy weather, every day.

Then there she was, heading towards us with speed. We'd heard her coming for a while as the whistled at each crossing.

I'd decided I'd try for a bridge shot today.

None of us waiting had realised really that there was a bit of a rise to come up to the bridge. She had to work a tiny little bit harder which equaled more steam.

It was pretty cool. I don't think it'll ever get old, especially as it isn't something I see often.

That train didn't miss a beat as she chugged across the bridge.

It was pretty cool listening to the change in sound between rail on the ground and the bridge. It was also pretty coll how the train looks like it is just balance on that line.

Those lucky enough to be passengers waved as they sped on past. What a great experience they have had.

One thing that amused many on lookers over the last few days was the fire truck coming behind. As you can see things are a little damp around here but I guess it is better to be safe than sorry. Actually I even saw firemen at the station, just in case.

I had plans to catch the steam train along the way for more photos but her speed and school zones put that idea back on the shelf. I did catch up eventually, when the train was stopped a Cairns Station.

I got there with just enough time to see her leave.

Steaming her way out of the station.

And off to rest for a few days.

The QLD Rail Anniversary train leaves town on Friday but again I will be at work. Probably a good thing. I'll have to find a new obsession. 

Do you like steam trains?
Have you ever left home without the thing that you really needed, the thing you trip revolved around, like your camera, or wallet or something like that?
Are you over my obsession with trains? (please realise I have enough photos to torture you with another post or two, hehe, or not)

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