Friday, 20 February 2015

Reflections and Cyclones

Up here in the north, usually we are the ones with cyclones bearing down on us at this time of year but instead we are in the middle of some kind of tropical cyclone sandwich (as those of the online world are calling it). There is a cyclone closing in on the Northern Territory and one speeding towards the Central Queensland coast. The one up north is thought to make landfall as a category 3 and the one south as a category 4. They only go up to a category 5 on the scale. What I find amazing is how much you hear about the one to the south, near the more highly populated part of Australia yet we've heard nothing mush of the one up north, heading into a more sparcely populated area.

Here is a closer look at what they think these cyclones will do as of Thursday (19th) afternoon

Tropical Cyclone Lam, Northern Territory
Tropical Cyclone Marcia, Queensland

I'm not sure about their models. Cyclones have a habit of doing unpredictable things and no one knows what they will really do until it is done.

The upside to being in between these two systems is we've gotten some clear weather. Mind you after yesterday and the heat, I'll take our overcast rainy weather back thank you. Lawn mowers and gardening businesses should be pretty busy after this bit of sun.

Wednesday afternoon the sky had pretty much completely cleared so I just had to get out and take some photos. I headed to Cattana Wetlands, somewhere I've been a few times before. I do like it there but I think the mozzies nearly flew away with me this time.

There was much more water around than their has been. Definitely looking more wetland and less lake in a dry land.

It was looking picture perfect, over the water.

So still and reflective.

It will be spectacular when the water lilies flower.

Out on the water I spotted a lone Jacana just wandering around, lily pad to lily pad.

I also spotted a few cute littlies flitting around. They were brown honeyeaters I think.

The water was so still, reflecting so well. The mosquitoes were not so still, hunting me down so well.

The golden sun sank slowly lower behind the mountains.

The sky reflecting off the water in perfect symmetry. 

Then another (maybe another) Jacana was spotted.

Check me out.

Bottoms up.

Sinking in quick lilies.

Ran out of lilies.

I then spotted another or the same one that took flight. Maybe it was the same Jacana coming around the lake with me. It was out among the golden lily pads, the sun making them gilded. 

The water turned to liquid gold as the sun disappeared.

Just behind the mountains the sun was still spreading light. 

The sky opposite slowly changed colours as the sun sank lower and lower.

Wispy clouds appearing where there were no clouds before.

This morning, the 20th, the Northern Territory has been his by a Category 4 cyclone and the Central Coast of QLD has a Category 5 cyclone bearing down on it that is expected to make landfall sometime around 9am.


I hope everyone is staying safe.


  1. Such a lovely place for reflection and relaxation.

    1. Yes, it is especially when it is still although a breeze is better for comfortable relaxing.

  2. Beautiful scenes. I especially like the first of the three lily pad ones - gorgeous!
    We are expecting the tail end of cyclone Marcia through our area late today - seems no lives were lost which is wonderful.

    1. Thanks. Hopefully you get some good rain from Marcia. It is good when everyone gets through a weather event safely. Now it is time for the clean up.

  3. the jacana is very cool skipping across those lilypads! loved all the water scenes and reflections, too. beautiful! good luck with the cyclones!

    1. Thanks. I do enjoy watching them moving across the lilypads. It is a little funny when they take a wrong step.

  4. As always - beautiful photos. I so love reading your posts and seeing all your photos. It is suck a contrast to home!

    1. Thank you. Yes it would be a huge contrast. I know it is very different to where we grew up.

  5. These are some great shots of your area. Love the reflections and the bird on the lilypads.

    1. Thank you. I loved that it was good for reflections but made me wish I had more zoom.


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