Saturday, 21 February 2015

Saturday Storm

Today has been that typical 'building for a storm' weather. Come to think of it yesterday was as well. Woke up to an already rather warm day. We reached our top of 32 degrees C which felt more like 35 or 36 degrees C. The humidity rose to dripping while sitting still levels.

Then as clouds crept into view thunder started to rumble ever closer.

Right now it is still, the clouds coming further over. I hear crickets, the kids next door playing and the odd bird but it still has that calm before a storm feel.

It looks like we are in for a Saturday afternoon storm, just in time for the Cowboys - Titans Game that is on this evening at Barlow Park (which I never knew was on but it is good to see the footy in the north again). Actually should be well and truly gone by their 7:30pm game but it might make for a muddy one. Go Cowboys!

Bring on the cool breeze ...
And maybe a power outage so I can stay home from work tonight.
Okay, just the cool breeze and refreshing rain then.


  1. Oh wow - those storm clouds are ominous but beautiful!!

    1. I know they were but unfortunately they didn't deliver. We had a repeat yesterday and I feel it will happen again today. Means hot and humid with no relief.


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