Tuesday 10 February 2015

Winging It

I've done it again, been back in the air.

This time it was back north again.

Take off was awesome, giving us the scenic view of Brisbane.

I had chosen a window seat and the one next to it for us and it was a very 'light' flight with plenty of seats spare.

A couple who had scored exit row seats didn't want them so we were asked to swap. We did, quite happily. Who would say no to extra leg room?

It did mean however, that Mr Sparky who didn't want the window seat snavelled it. Guess he kind of did want it.

Breakfast and a movie and I was a happy camper.

Mr Sparky was just as content with his screen showing where the plane was along with altitude, speed and outside temperature (and his little nap).

After leaving the sunny southern parts of the state we came in to land in a rather soggy looking north.

I guess the wet arrived while we were away.

It turns out that over the last weekend the area has gotten 300-400mm of rain and it still is raining on and off with more big falls predicted for later in the week.

I don't mind though, it was needed.

After an airport drama, waiting for them to figure out what was setting off an alarm we finally got to collect our soggy luggage and head home.

Home was still there with our yard looking a bit drowned. Mr Sparky was pretty happy to be back in our own space. I was already wanting to head back south yet wanting to stay and find waterfalls.

In super good news, despite the outside of our bags being soggy, the inside was mostly dry. Thank goodness for plastic lined bags but could someone please invent water proof zips for luggage.



  1. Better soggy luggage on the way home. I've stood at the window looking at my bag sitting in a monsoon while they unload the plane...I had to buy a dress at the hotel (well, next door) to have something to wear!

    1. Definitely better that it was on the way home. At least you could get something close by and I guess it means you have a great story to tell now. I bet you laugh over it now too.


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