Thursday 26 February 2015

Birds, Beach and Blowing Hot Air

Yep, I think that was the neighbour farting I just heard. 
That was a first. 
Oh lord, I wonder how often they hear me farting passing wind.
Okay, so they were outside and I sit near the door so I guess that can be excused.
I was telling the lady that I work with that I have no privacy at home and that just goes to prove it. I was referring more to the fact that they can look straight into our house through the back door and that it is only lattice between our place and their place except for the timber fence right near the back of the yard.

Sooo, yesterday I was winging about being tired, nothing new really. I am in the same state today but with the luxury of being able to nap if I want to and when I want to. Maybe I should go look at the beach, maybe it is too hot and I couldn't be bothered. Last night I apparently left the front door a little open but the screen was locked. That is what Mr Sparky told me this morning as I really did drag my butt out of bed so that I could move my car for him to get out for work. No bouncing for the sunrise this morning, mind you it was pretty. Just another super smart thing to add to the list of tired antics. That and the fact that I almost did the early to work trick again after falling asleep as soon as I sat down between getting home and getting dinner ready. Woke after my 5min nap panicking that it was 6:15 when it was only 5:15 once my brain could actually process the clock. Guess that is how I did it last time.


So I did it. I actually did go to the beach and I haven't had a nap yet. I'm doing well, I think, although the lack of nap might not be a smart idea.

When I arrived I could here a bit of a ruckus. Looking up in the trees I could see the cause. Actually I already knew the cause, their call is very distinctive. Red Tail Black Cockatoos, one o my favourites.

When I lived on the station, seeing these beauties was said to mean rain (often it was right). This it their home though. I usually see some on the way to my night job, sitting on the light posts, being noisy little big mischief makers.

I did tear myself away though to check out the water.

To the north it had that endless horizon look, the ocean blending into the sky.

Looking south the beach had that pretty tropical beach look. Funny that, as it is a tropical beach.

The nets were out and the flags were up and there were 3 people out in the water. Tempting, very tempting but nearly the middle of the day and my togs were still at home.

Instead I stuck with photos of the sea, sky and mountains all blended colours of blue.

I did stick my feet in the water. Cooling it was not, although the lady (possibly American) who had just left the water said that it was lovely and asked me where my swim wear was.

Actually, if I had put my swimmers back in the car after being down south I might have gotten in for a quick dip. I better put that all back in the car then.

It was very nice and the beach was mostly empty. I guess most are at work or hiding from the sun (like I should have been with my white, easy to burn, skin).

I did head back to the shade of the trees soon enough though.

I also did make sure I said hello to those pretty cockies before heading back to the car. I'm glad they were enjoying their lunch, I was hungry too.

Do you know far too much about your neighbours?
What do you do with your time off from work (or kids if you get that)?


  1. It looks so inviting. I want to be there!

  2. such beautiful seascapes and skies! love the birds, too. as for your too-close neighbors...well... i'm glad mine are almost too far to be seen.

    1. Until we moved here neither of us had lived with close neighbours. It makes life interesting. It was a beautiful beach kind of day and I love seeing these cockatoos up close. They are seen a lot less than their white cousins.

  3. Well, I've picked up quite a few hints of who you are.. wonderful photographer, lover of the ocean and of nature, recently relocated to what appears to be a beautiful place but accommodations not entirely working for you, working way too hard (or perhaps fatigued from other causes?), wry sense of humour, partner Mr. Sparky (?).. but lots more questions in my mind. Intriguing blog. Love those Cockatoos and especially loved the diagonally-directioned clouds in the 8th photo down.

    1. Thanks for the complements. I think you might have pretty much hit the nail on the head. Tiredness is from night work mainly but I also have 2 jobs, one a lot more casual than the other. Mr Sparky is the other half of the partnership, we've reached fiance status and hopefully married sometime soon. We moved in up here in North Qld a bit over 2 years ago. Well I did, not much of a move for Mr Sparky. I didn't spot those clouds when first getting to the beach but once I did I loved them too and the interest they bring. Thanks for looking in.

  4. love the way the clouds are reflecting in the water! looks gorgeous! love the look of those cockatoos! I'm sure they are cheeky!

    1. It was perfect for reflecting the sky, so calm. They can be super cheeky and have enormous personalities.

  5. loved to see the Red Tail Black Cockatoos and the beautiful beach. Don´t seem to be that safe to swim there. But it can be enjoyed anyway.

    1. I'm not that keen on swimming this time of year but the beach looked beautiful, so inviting. I prefer to swim after stinger season. I haven't seen wild black cockatoos this close up since I was a kid so I loved seeing them and maybe am planning on going back again.

  6. Looks like you found some great scenery to admire!
    All of your reasons is why we rent an old house out in the paddocks! The only neighbors are the occasional time the cows graze over the fence and the birds and rabbits!
    I feel for you trying to get your sleep patterns down. When I worked mornings (NOT a morning person!) sometimes, I'd 'nap' after work and not wake until morning. I hope you figure that out!

    1. We would love to be renting a farm house. Both of us grew up in the country and have never lived with neighbours this close before.
      After a year and a half sleep is still not sorted so I think it is time to give up the night work. I love naps but this week I can't seem to have them. Thanks for coming by.

  7. Those cockatoos are great - have never had views that good of that species.

    The India Myna is a very different species to the Miner birds. Even if the name sounds the same!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. I've never been that close in the wild either.
      Ah different, okay. They seem to have similar characters though.


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