Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Weird and Wonderful

I've done some weird and wonderful things because of tiredness, more weird than wonderful.
I've fallen asleep on the floor hugging a rain coat. 
I've slept across the aisle on the seats on a bus and not noticed someone step over me to get to the toilets.
I've turned off at the wrong intersection thinking it was where work was and only realising it wasn't when work wasn't there.
I've left home and left the doors wide open.
I've slept all night, with the light on.
I am sure there is so many more silly moments but I can't think of them right now, my brain is resembling scrambled eggs.
But yesterday, I think it is up there, it might even take the cake.
Last night, I rocked up to work an hour early, not even realising I had until my supervisor who starts and hour before us walked in to start work. Luckily I was allowed to start then rather than sitting around for an hour.
Smart one I am when tired.

Yesterday morning was my first sunrise morning in a bit. Mr Sparky has been on holidays so since coming back from visiting family down south I've been having a bit of a sleep in, if 7am-ish is a sleep in, to try and counteract the working late nights going to bed early mornings and working all day as well. He went back to work yesterday.

It was well worth dragging my butt our of bed to see that sunrise.

Actually the truth is I stuck my foot out and opened the curtain ( with my foot, sitting up and leaning over was way too much effort) then bounced out of bed to hunt down my camera.

I did my headless chook, upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside thing while Mr Sparky enjoyed his morning coffee ... coffees.  

I spent the whole time telling Mr Sparky how pretty it was. I think he got the point.

I wasn't working during the day yesterday so I couldn't wait for Mr Sparky to leave for work so I could whiz out and have some camera fun.

I headed to the Northern end of the Esplanade, my closest ocean place.

You might have seen it here, just a few times.

The upper wispy clouds dulled the sun that was already peeking over the mountains, keeping it softer sunrise looking and keeping the bite at bay for a little while.

A beautiful, relaxing start to the day.

When I got the zoom going to check out the distant water line I found some bird life wading in the water.

The different clouds made the sky look very interesting.

After some King tides last week there were plenty of bits and bobs on the sand. Tide marks easily seen with shells and other stuff outlining them.

The sun did a great job of lending a golden glow.

Puddles along the shore line made for nice reflections.

Those wispy clouds often mean a change in the weather. I guess they were right because the afternoon clouded over and turned rainy. Maybe how dark it got explains me turning up to work early or maybe I still haven't mastered reading a clock.

As the sun rose higher, so did the heat it emitted.

There were many out there on the Esplanade doing there morning exercise, getting a glow from something other than the sun.

I'm too lazy for that so I stuck to my wandering and photo taking.

 On my way back to my car I got sidetracked by more birds.

 This time it was the cute little Welcome Swallows.

Other than flitting off every now and again, maybe for some food, they just hung out not worrying about me creeping closer.

Getting sidetracked, that is another symptom of tiredness, so is chair napping or is it called having a grandma nap.

 So is rabbiting on about nothing, like I've been managing to do for this entire post.

What a cute bird!

What are some weird, or wonderful, things you've done while tired?
Do you just randomly say things and point out things that have nothing to do with the conversation/ or lack of conversation like I do? (just remembered that habit that is magnified by tiredness)

By the way while creating this post I recalled that I needed to wash my uniform for tonight. Talk about side tracked and forgetful.
Have also recalled the need to make lunch. Ah well maybe I'll buy it today.


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  1. All your seascapes are worth "rabbiting" on about! Beautiful!

    1. Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the rabbiting on and the morning on the esplanade.

  2. Wow gorgeous scenery and sky shots. Lovely captures of the birds. A beautiful post, thanks for sharing.. Have a happy day!

    1. Thanks. It does look very pretty at that time of day. I'm glad it spread some happiness around.

  3. If tiredness produced images like these, keep on being tired! They are stunning.

    1. Thanks! Tiredness evaporates a little when I head out and about, keeping busy.

  4. I really enjoyed reading about your interesting "tired" events! I had to smile about all your ways of sleeping. Oh and I really enjoyed your photos! What a sunrise! Very funny and beautiful posting!

    1. Thanks. Oh I forgot sleeping outside a tent during the afternoon, on the ground, during a busy international Girl Guide camp. Guess I was tired then too. It was a pretty sunrise. Glad you enjoyed a chuckle.


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