Monday, 12 November 2012


This is Angel.
She is orphan calf number two for this muster, which is now over after a month of constant cattle and horse work for the bosses.

Now Angel isn't much of an Angel. It is one of those name it the opposite things.

She has attitude and speed.

Thank goodness she has worked out the feeding thing now because it was taking two of us to block her up, catch her and feed her. 

It was a two person feeding job as well. One person to stop her running away (me gripping her between my legs usually) and to help hold her head up and another person to hold her head and pry her stubborn mouth open. While all this was happening the person sitting on her (me) and holding her squeezed the teat on the calf feeder attempting to get it somewhere neat her mouth. She would eventually give in and latch on and suck up the milk like a vacuum cleaner but until that happened you got very milky.

She still looks like a sweetie though doesn't she.

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