Thursday, 1 November 2012

Octo Mum

The dogs have been at it again (wow that could come across so very wrong). Pippy has added 8 more pups to the numbers and what gorgeous little scraps they are. I have picked one out that I absolutely love the colouring of. Looks like a 'red dog' in the making ... just a girl one though. She is reddish brown with tan and white markings ... ahhh I think it is love. Anyway I know that she'll never be mine but I can drool. Now what is her name ... Ruby, Rosie, Garnet ... yeah I know name it and I'll keep it.


Here are the other adorable new additions as well. The kids already have their favourites as well.


In some sad news one of the older pups got run over yesterday and only three of Missy's dozen pups have survived. Mind you they are three very fat and healthy looking puppies.

Also in more animal news Sadie is thriving and is curious about everyone and everything. She is quite playful and thinks she is a little human.


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