Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Inland Sea

They talk about Australia once having an inland sea.
Well we have an inland sea on our doorstep, okay so it is about 45min from our doorstep, Lake Buchanan.
Lake Buchanan is the highest salt water lake in Australia sitting on the Great Dividing Range and is approximately 28km long and 8m wide. It happens to be home to species that are thought to only found at the lake. Being only a shallow lake it dries up most years leaving a salt pan but this year, even coming closer to the end of dry season, it has stayed full.
I think it is a very special and impressive place. It is great for a swim and its sandy shores are also the perfect place for a BBQ, toasting marshmallows and relaxing.




  1. The VIP Lounge looks luxurious.

  2. Yes, it is a new addition that someone put there and is the height of comfort ;)


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