Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Long Haul

Some days on the station are longer than others take for instance Tuesday. We did a full school day from 8am to prob around 4pm by the time we mucked around with dancing and craft after school.
Mr T having a grand ol' time.
This is what happens when one lot or another of the Internet won't work.
Science time.
Then it was down to the yards at about 5pm for a few hours work as Boss R and Boss H had brought cattle into the yards.
Ready for work.
Cattle ready to go.
Some of the bubbies.
The famous coacher bullock (he was in the movie Australia).
Grass, in a post?
Waiting for branding.
Another sunset over the yards.
All the branding irons in the fire.
The sun getting lower.
The branding fire.
We worked until nightfall ... well maybe a little after that because it sure was hard to see arriving back at the houses after 7pm.
I had a go at needling weaners ... in the dark.
Still branding.


  1. Incredible photos as always. These really capture the mood of dust, heat and hard work.

  2. Check my blog please Ann - I recieved the Liebster Award - so I am passing it onto you.

  3. VERY cool ... didn't know you had a famous bullock there! Wow...

  4. Margie from New YorkNovember 14, 2012 5:59 am

    Followed your link over from the Bush Babe. Lovely pictures. What kind of cattle is that bull? He doesn't look like the Bush babes cattle? He kinda reminds me of a texas longhorn?

  5. Hi Margie, Thanks. That fellow is a shorthorn bullock so basically a huge, old steer (he has been castrated). Shorthorns are an old English breed. He does have pretty long horns and the running joke around here is 'if that is a shorthorn what's a longhorn?' The longhorn they have here on the station has the same size or smaller horns than him. I saw some longhorns the other day though and they are impressive. I hope you keep coming back to visit and enjoy. Have a nice week. Anne

  6. Yes it is pretty cool BushBabe. At 14yrs old he is getting on in years. Most of the cattle used from here for the movie were bought outright but there were a few they wanted to keep and he was one. There was also an old cow that was spayed this time that was another.


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