Thursday, 22 November 2012

We're Going To Asia ...

... well our schoolroom is going to Asia.
You got excited for me didn't you.
The family I work for don't do celebrations but we are still having fun making things and this time it is Asia. Miss S is studying Japanese and Mr E, Miss E and Mr R looked at Asian stories throughout the year so to finish it off we are going Asian in our schoolroom. Bring on Asian stories, food, crafts and games.
To start the ball rolling yesterday after pulling down our sea themed decorations and artworks the kids painted some large paper lanterns to hang in our room.
They are bright and colourful making the room look cheerful. I found these lanterns in a cheap shop in The Towers.
Next up we are going to make some Chinese Dragons after a bit of story telling.
Note: Did you notice the countdown in the background of the last photo ... scary.


  1. Thanks on behalf of the kids. They enjoyed making them and they do look pretty cool.


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