Saturday, 24 November 2012

Say 'Hi' to Noggin

From the title you probably guessed this one already, yep another calf, another boy.
His name is Noggin because he has a big head (named by Miss S) and he is a bit of a boof head.

That brings us up to four poddy calves and in the words of Miss S "we've never in the history of here well that I've been alive EVER had four poddies at the same time." So because of the new addition we no longer can have the Three Stooges or Three Amigos we now have ... the Fantastic Four.
Noggin came in through the yards at the beginning of the week with some cows but he was just a tag along and didn't belong to any of them.

So he was captured ... let me tell you he is a heavy little thing.

 Then held on the trailer on the Toyota/ Golden Chariot for the ride back to the house.

While I was passenger and instructor we let Miss S have a go behind the wheel. The smile was worth it. I guess I can add driving instructor to my job description that is found way back here.

On arriving back at the house Noggin was released into the house yards and the recaptured for a feed. I think I must be getting pretty good at the calf wrangling bit as yet again I found myself with a calf clamped between my knee while learning to feed. He is a tall one to because I could only just stand over him with feet flat on the ground. He took to the bottle really fast.

Here are the other three from the Fantastic Four having a feed. Three calves on one feeder makes for an interesting feed time.

From left to right there is Sadie, Angel and Crusty all checking out their new yard mate.

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