Saturday, 24 November 2012

Chinese Dragons

Today in amongst doing our remaining school work we went off on a tangent and learnt about Chinese Dragons. I found a slideshow here that told us a bit about Chinese Dragons as well as what they looked like and what they stood for.
Did you know that traditionally Chinese dragons had a camels head, a snake's neck, fish scales, eagle claws, tiger paws, ox ears, deer horn and whiskers. There colour also told you a lot about them. Green was for the land, blue for water, red for fire, brown for the forest and gold for metals and precious gems. They each had different personalities as well. Now I'm not saying this information is fact but it sounds pretty cool to me.
The kids then drew some dragons as I gave them each feature and chose the colours they wanted to colour their dragon. We had some very powerful dragons created who were multi coloured so they had ALL the powers.


Later on after school work was done we made egg carton dragons to hang in the schoolroom.
 To make these I cut up egg cartons and gave the kids 6 pieces each.

They painted each cup of the egg carton inside and out.

They then glued on eyes and a tongue on one cup for the head.

After tying some bells to the end of some ribbon the egg cartons (now with holes in them) were threaded onto the ribbon and the ribbon tied off. A dab of craft glue was put on the knot to stop it going anywhere.

More instructions can be found here.



  1. Very and the kids enjoyed it but it does take a while. Would be good for Chinese New Year.


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