Thursday, 15 November 2012

Weaner Time

14th Nov

Nope not the sausage variety but the cattle variety. A weaner is a calf that has been taken off it's mother so it can no longer suck off her. They can be weaned as young as 6months although some aren't weaned until 8 to 10months of age. This depends on the property, the cattle and the season. When steers and heifers (boys and girls) are weaned here they are usually tailed for 2 weeks. Tailing means they are taken out every day to feed and walk along the fence lines and learn how to stay together in a mob. This is done on horseback here.

Here are some pictures of the horses and riders getting ready to go ...


The weaners were put into the paddock beside the house to feed and water for a few hours yesterday before being moved along again.

A previous post on weaners can be found here.

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  1. You need to put a book together of all of the amazing photos you have taken. It would make a great farewell gift for your students. They are truely incredible photos.


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