Monday, 12 November 2012

Melbourne Cup

I am a little behind on the blogging especially as there are things to share. I'll catch up eventually but be prepared for out of order events.
Melbourne Cup, the race that stops a nation, apparently. It didn't stop us. Two out of four kids wanted to watch it when given the option (well it was one of those days and one wasn't given an option). They came back excited about the results, more excited about the horses racing than the results if the truth be told.
For Melbourne Cup afternoon I came up with a few fun things to do after school like creating their own Melbourne Cup hat and groovy glasses to go with.

We also had some races like pin the tail on the horse. For this game I drew up some horses butts on the board and the kids were given strips of paper to make a tail from and some blue tack. The rules were that they could only put on one piece of 'tail' at a time. They started at the start line and ran to the front put on a piece of tail and ran back to the start line for a new piece. Heaps of fun!

We couldn't have Melbourne Cup without a horse race and considering we didn't have hobby horses or enough brooms it was decided that I would torture the kids with a balloon horse race. The kids had to run around the school building with a balloon horse between their legs and not drop it. Yeeha! There were a few heats happening with all the same participants funnily.

As something different for smoko we made some yummy smores using choc buds, marshmallows and bought biccies. One biccie with a choc bit and a marshmallow was put in the oven for a bit and when the marshmallow was all melted inside the top biccie was put on to squash it all down. Yum!

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