Tuesday 24 September 2013

A Nova week down ...

What a busy week it was last week. We had a group of three students fly in from Japan for lessons last week.  With Teacher P out of the country, in Japan in fact, I worked every day. They were a lovely group and I hope they had fun. We did plenty of role plays to practise conversation and as I mentioned earlier they loved their homework.

Their stay went very fast. One of them is here another week though.

 On the last day we spend a lot of time comparing Australia and Japan, expressing opinions. We also have a brief look at some Australian foods like pies, ANZAC biscuits, Vegemite and lamingtons. On Friday I pulled out a sponge cake from my freezer (shop bought) and we made lamingtons to eat at our BBQ.

The students are given a simple recipe along the lines of cut the cake into squares, mix the icing ingredients, quickly dip the cake in the icing, roll the cake in coconut. Very good for some action words.

It was a nice bit of fun and finger licking good, literally, licking fingers at the end was a hit.

A bit later we headed down to our normally quiet BBQ spot at the wharf. Last time it wasn't so quiet and we ended up on the Esplanade, a bit of a walk with all the food.

We cooked up kangaroo sausages and onions. Kangaroo sausages are interesting, they taste okay but I'm not too sure on the texture.

We even had an onlooker for the whole cooking eating processes. I swear that gull didn't go anywhere until when we were almost ready to leave and it spent a bit of time defending its post, getting cranky when another gull flew by.

Those lamingtons were a very tasty finish to our afternoon BBQ.

This is such a nice way to spend an afternoon, so relaxing eating, talking and watching the happenings on the water.

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  1. It sure looks like you have the best job in Australia Anne


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