Wednesday 18 September 2013

Fire in the Hills

  I am back at NOVA this week ... and next week, for that matter, and what a busy week it has been so far. This is all because I have another job at a local supermarket doing night fill which also started this week. So far so good and already an extra nights work. This new job means that I have work between NOVA groups that won't interfere when they are here. So far this week I have done a 9-5 at Nova and 7-11 at the Supermarket as well as a 9-2 at Nova and 7-11 at the Supermarket. I am feeling a little weary but am glad to be busy.
Yes I am babbling.

On Monday controlled burns where underway south of Cairns in the Gordenvale area. Being back at Nova meant I was in prime position to view the plumes of smoke rising into the sky. It looked impressive.

By Monday afternoon there was not so much smoke rising which is the idea but there was certainly a smoke haze out there in the distance.

Tuesday morning we woke to a very hazy looking city and the mountains could hardly be seen from the windows at work but by later in the day it had cleared and I could still see smoke rising from those hills in the distance.

Seeing the smoke rising didn't bother me as I had heard they were doing controlled burns. It is great that they are because it is warming up quickly and this will hopefully prevent the out of control fires as we get closer to Summer.
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  1. I remember packing shelves at a supermarket. I used to get the 10pm to 2am shift in the dairy department. I remember sculling chocolate custard but that was about the highlight of the job!

  2. Every time I see a bush fire I feel sick and sorry for the animals who end up being injured and killed.

  3. Hopefully the fire season isn't a bad one this year. Bush fires are terrible. The only thing I don't like about it is the smell, has to be done though. You have an awesome view of the hills from work :)

  4. Hi Rockysprings, I wish I got to skull chocolate custard as part of the job. So far all I am lucky enough to get is sore fingers and cardboard cuts from opening the supposed shelf ready boxes ... ha easy access. The people are great though so I think that will be a huge highlight. I think I am lucky doing 7-11, I think 10-2 would kill me.

  5. Hi Jacana, There are good an bad sides to fire I guess. The good thing about these controlled burns is they are slower and cooler than a roaring out of control bush fire and they mean hopefully there won't be the damaging bushfires.

  6. Hi Alicia, I am a little scared for this fire season coming, not so much here but out west. If early rain doesn't come and with a hot summer that I feel we will be getting bad things will happen. I hate the smoke too. It really mucks with me making me feel absolutely foul ... I guess like hay fever for some, only I end up with bleeding noses as well. I love the view from work. I guess that is what you get for being in the tallest building in the city, an up side to city living. I miss the wide open spaces though.

  7. Don't work to hard Anne, they are burning off down this way as well so Orange is covered in smoke most day's but I have noticed not to much burning off on my trip to Bemboka


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