Friday 13 September 2013

Birthday Boy (Man)

This week, Thusday in fact, we had a birthday in this house. 
Yep Mr Sparky has gotten a little older in age ... but that is about all.


 He got a little spoilt and after lots of hunting I managed to find a non sunset windmill and a helicoper in flight photo for him. His favourite things.

He also scored some other presents which also means he can now return my fm transmitter so I can use it.


I went all out with the helicopter theme.

Even making a surprise for him to share at work. I regularly send cake to work with him to share so this was nothing different, well except the decorating.

He came home early from work armed with a gift from one of the fellas because of all his hard work. Thank you to that person is all I can say. Everyone needs to know they are appreciated.

Dinner was at his request T-bone and veges and then there was the cake he did request (that morning I might add). A coffee cake with dark chocolate icing with lots of sprinkly things or cachews.

I think I managed that request well. I just used my good old chocolate cake recipe and instead of coco dissolved 4 or 5 teaspoons, as in the ones you stir coffee with, of instant coffee in a bit of hot water and added it to the mix. It possibly could have been stronger. The icing was 150g dark chocolate melted and mixed with 3/4 cup of cream and cooled until spreadable.

It was tasty and very dark chocolate-y. Mr Sparky took the left overs to work today so I am sure that will disappear. Saves us eating all of it.

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