Wednesday 25 September 2013

Yellow and Blue

 Mr Sparky spotted these trees blooming yellow against blue skies.
He goes past them every day on the way to work, I go the same way when I head down town to Nova so he told me to look out for them when I headed that way next. Well they are pretty hard to miss.

I had no idea what they were, they weren't something I had seen before. I thought they look a little like a Jacaranda but with different leaves. 

I typed yellow flower Cairns into google and tada there it was on the Cairns Botanic Gardens site.

Tabebuia chrysantha - Golden Tabebuia, is a native tree of the intertropical broadleaf deciduous forests of South America above the Tropic of Capricorn.  It is a rustic decidious tree that defies hard, dry or poor soils. Flowers are large, tubular shaped, with broadening corolla of deep yellow colour, about 2 inches long.  

I love it. The tree looks like something from the bush, it is rough and hardy looking.

The flowers are so bright and at the moment they contrast with the mostly clear blue skies. I love that colour combination, the yellow and the blue.

Mr Sparky wants to plant some when we have a place of our own and I vote 'YES' to that.

Now we just have to watch and wait for seed pods.

I am enjoying seeing new plants and flowers here in the north as the seasons change. Seeing the beauty around me.

 What is flowering around your place?

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  1. Those are lovely blooms -- so cheery and bright. I've never seen anything like those before!

  2. Hi Sharon, They are so pretty and bright. I hadn't seen them before either but I am loving seeing them now.


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