Wednesday 25 September 2013

Coffee Works

Ahh ... Yesterday we quickly dropped into that lovely little Coffee Works Shop here in Cairns. I have blogged this one before here and the factory's shop here but it is such a lovely little shop that it is making a reappearance.

Now I am not a coffee drinker, although after this fortnight maybe I better start. I like an iced coffee but hot coffee for some reason just makes me feel sick. I do however love the smell and on walking into this shop you are bombarded with the smell of coffee. It cloaks you, it surrounds you, it draws you into it's comforting embrace. Ah sounds so good, smells so good, if only I could appreciate the taste. Maybe just going there for a daily smell of coffee would be enough to keep me going.

As I have said previously it isn't just about coffee. It is about tea which I will occasionally delve into the world of and chocolate which I constantly wage a war with and loose ... okay so it tastes so good how can that be loosing. It also has cups and pots and other knick knacks on show. Some are quirky and some are so delicate and pretty.

I'll just leave you to imagine the smells while I end with just pictures of this cosy, friendly little shop.

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