Tuesday 24 September 2013

What's happing in my garden ...

On Sunday, super exciting news alert, I picked 5 tomatoes from OUR GARDEN.

Okay so I know they are looking a little green, especially the one right at the back but if I don't pick them early they end up like the one below. I wonder what eats them.

I have picked tomatoes from our garden before but not so many at one time.

And there are more on their way.

We also have another capsicum that has started to form. This one will make 4.

I finally managed to get some snow peas or sugar snaps to grow. Not sure what I put in the pot really.

And we have successfully grown 3 chillies so far off what were supposed to be capsicum plants ... hmmm.

We have a little lettuce growing, mind you it doesn't go very far.

We have had a small but steady stream of strawberries, a couple every few days.

And my parsley and basil are doing well in the various locations it is planted ... in pots and in the garden.

Do you grow your own food?
What is in your garden?

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  1. Everything is growing so well, it looks great. Love those tomatoes, they must taste amazing. Well done, I hope my veggies are that good this year. Little bit colder down here, so only just putting this sort of stuff in the ground :)

  2. Looks like the birds are getting at your tomatoes Anne you will have to cover them or you could loss the lot, no Veggie patch here as yet but there will be as soon as we get the new shed up, we are growing fruit here there was already some trees but we planted more, pears, quince, plum, apricot, fig, granny smith and a cherry, not to sure what fruit trees are here till they fruit but I do know there is an apple not sure what type, lemon trees, orange, lemon aide tree (very nice eating them now) and abut 6 to 8 other stone fruit trees and not to leave them out rhubarb which I brought with me from Orange.

  3. I can't wait to have a garden of my own. I have always dreamed of growing my own fruits and vegetables. I am so jealous of your garden. :-)

  4. Hi Alicia,
    Our tomato plants are about done now with the too warm weather coming. I am surprised at how well things are growing considering the ground and the weather. I am sure your veges will be great and I'll be envying them later.

  5. Hi Kerry, one day we hope to have a bigger vege garden and fruit trees. I think it is birds too but there is not really any point coving it as the plant is slowly dying off. It sounds like you will have plenty of fruit.

  6. Hi Ang, Thanks for dropping by. We only have a small garden in a rental townhouse, well outside. The owners were happy for us to demolish the unexciting garden with nothing much in is and put in some veges. We also have herbs and other bits in pots on the fence. Before here I tried growing tomatoes and herbs in pots just for a little green thumb action.

  7. Wow it all looks great. I am going to get a strawberry plant for the kids. I had chili and basil but left the pots near the bbq and they got slightly burnt!! I wish I had more of a green thumb.

  8. Hi Ann, we try with the garden but it is kinda only half happening, some things work and some don't. I bet the kids will love to help grow some strawberries.


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