Sunday 22 September 2013

Saturday Sunrise

On Saturday morning the LAST thing I wanted to see was the sunrise.
I had dreams of sleeping in, of catching up on Zzzzz after a huge week filled with early mornings and early mornings (as in going to bed). This week I have been working slogging it out at two jobs; my 9-5 Nova job and my 7-11 night fill job, well that is except for Wednesday when I had a night off.

My body clock is so well trained however after months, make that years, of early rising that it had other ideas,waking me up at the usual 5:30am time (wake up is usually sometime before 5:50am which is when Mr Sparky has his alarm set) or maybe it was earlier.

Well it was pretty, the sunrise that is. All orange and glowing.

But then I was over it and headed back to bed. My week of mostly less than 6hour, more likely closer to 5hour sleep a night had truly knocked me.
I did try sleeping but it seemed that every time I was in that dozed off, nearly there place, something ... or someone (thanks Mr sparky for checking I was alive) would wake me back up. I managed to do that again and again until 7:30am when I just gave in and got up.

The good news is I did manage a 2 and a 1/2 hour afternoon nap, but on getting up I could have gone straight back to bed. I got ready for work though. At least it was an earlier one, 6-10pm. Mind you turned out not so early as we finished late meaning I didn't get home til 11pm. I was then so hyped that I couldn't sleep anyway until the early hours. Apparently, after discussion at work, it is a universal night fill problem needing time to wind down after work.

I'm having a quiet Sunday and I might or might not make it out of my pyjamas AND I am certain I will find myself sleeping again sooner or later, before tonight. I have another huge week coming up, then it will be recovery time.

How was your week?
How much sleep do you get a night or NEED a night?
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  1. Hi Anne, I hope that you are not over doing things with having two jobs, I know how hard it is working more than one job at a time I had silly hours like you have but mine were longer I started my working day at 4am to 7am doing grapes then off the then orchard to start work at 7.30am to 4pm then I would head back to Gayndah for a quick cuppa then off to work again at the DPI as a cleaner 6.30pm till 11.30pm then back to town and help out cleaning at the Burnett hotel till 1am then home short sleep and start all over again 5 to 6 days a week then on weekends I would go logging or fencing with Poppy 4am starts and home by 8pm, I done this till I hurt myself that bad I couldn't work again, I hope this wont happen to you take care


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