Thursday 5 September 2013

A Tree

 So I have no idea what to blog about and then
(that was for anyone who has seen Despicable Me)
I decided what I'd post about.

So here you are ... A Tree!
(Yeah kinda gave that away with the title, woops)

I thought I needed to give this tree some credit. I did stand under it for a long while last weekend after all.
I spent time looking at its textured and curling bark, watching ants and such crawling upon it.

And on the plus side as it didn't wiggle I thought it was a great poser.

So there, you had it ... A Tree.
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  1. I really like that second last photo, I remember it from a previous post I think? After you said Despicable Me I was doing 'lightbulb' with the accent and all :D

  2. haha Alicia, I do the 'lightbulb' thing too. Similar photo but not exact to a past post ... same tree and everything. Thanks

  3. Imagine how many years this mighty beautiful tree has been growing for. Wonder how many changes it has seen?


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