Sunday 15 September 2013

Lighting up the water and the sky

On Friday night Mr Sparky and I headed down to the water front.
We wandered along the wharf and checked out the boats.
We watched the lights on the shore reflect upon the water.
It was peaceful and nice to walk and talk ... a bit of a reminder of our meeting up in Townsville days when I was still on the station.





We got home and were lucky enough to see fireworks from a close by school fete light up the sky. I watched from our little balcony as red, green and gold lit the sky.



How did your weekend start?
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  1. Appears your weekend started with a bang ..... just like mine started with a bang, a few bangs and rumbles actually. We scored an almighty winter storm.

  2. Ah I love storms. Here it has been sunny and very warm ... this morning is cloud and humid, I swear I can see the moisture in the air and it isn't raining.

  3. Love reading your stories Anne and looking at your lovely photo's


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