Friday, 18 October 2013


The weather here has been just plain BLAH ... humid, hot, uncomfortable, cloudy, muggy, oppressive and many other words that describe air heavy with humidity, skies heavy with clouds and very little in the way of rain to relieve and cool. I do like to think however that there is beauty in every ugly situation and in this case the muggy haze over the mountains created a mystical looking scenery.

I've been working at Nova this week and lucky for me that means air conditioning all day, well most of it. The group of students we have are lovely, and each person is so individual. They feel comfortable and are happy to question and chat about anything and everything. We have had some classic moments or turns of phrase this week which is a common occurrence when a language is foreign and the whole meaning not quiet understood (or the translation doesn't fit).

One of these classics was when a students asked "Can I take the toilet?" She was corrected of cause, in our no fuss way, "Can I use the toilet?" was repeated back to her and she knew what we were on about. I couldn't help but string on the end "Well yes you can take it but I would prefer you left it for us to use." Apparently asking to use the toilet in Japanese literally translates to something about borrowing the toilet. Can you imagine that, borrowing someones toilet, "Hi mate, just wanna borrow your loo, don't mind do you? I might bring it back in the next week or two" and then wandering out of your house, toilet in tow.

Another classic was this time written in a journal mentioning listening to "bowel sounds". I had to explain that the bowel is in your body, where your poo comes from, rather than a vowel which is the letter a, e, i, o or u. It amused me and then the students when once the explanation was given. Our current staff member a fellow from New Zealand took great pleasure in shooting out the response "Listening to their bowel sounds in class, I think we'd rather not." My immediate reply was "well I guess we could then I could join in." I was told I was "all class". Yep, that is me all ass no class, hehe. Maybe I am not the best influence on students.

Well I hope you've found some beauty in your day and are looking for humour in your week.
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  1. You should keep a little journal on these funny comments. Might make a good fun read one day.

  2. Hi Jacana, that is a great idea. It would make a good read.

  3. It sounds like you do and can have some fun at work no wonder you like working their :) Ps: I do try to have fun every day I seem to find the funny side of some one else's misfortune's but at the moment it is only me down here but I still get a laugh watching the birds especially the maggies and their baby.


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