Friday, 4 October 2013

Sand between my toes, salt on my skin and a wet butt

 This morning I went for a bit of a drive, not too far, as something to keep me occupied. I have been pretty slack about visiting the beaches here, in fact half the time I forget I am near one, well several of them. So this morning I headed a few kms up the Captain Cook Highway and hit Trinity Beach, nice and early, before the sun got too hot (trust me, it was hot anyway). Once I got there I cursed myself for not bringing my swimmers, togs, cozzies, whatever ... It was beautiful and the water was warm, just the place to relax.

I did get my feet wet and even considered going in clothes and all. I guess I am still stuck in that 'the water is still cool this time of year' thing from swimming further south. It was like a bath. The lack of towel and need to get back in my car after stopped the clothes and all idea.

I walked along the beach, taking photos along the way.

I even got my shadow in on the action.

So that covers the sand between my toes and salt on my skin part but what about the wet butt part of the title. Well this picture might explain.

Honestly, crouching where the water is rolling in, what did I think would happen.






Now is the best time to visit the Northern Beaches of Cairns (or southern for that matter) as stinger season or jelly fish season hasn't arrived so the nets are all rolled up and you can swim anywhere.


I better wear my togs next time.


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  1. You seem to live in a very pretty place Anne, love your photo's and the story as per normal

  2. It is a beautiful place in its own way just as every place can be. I just need to keep appreciating the beauty.

  3. Very pretty indeed!

  4. I would have totally taken the opportunity to go for a swim before the stingers come. Absolutely beautiful photos :)

  5. Hi Carol Ann, it was pretty and relaxing.

  6. Hi Alicia, I should have, silly me, but I think I'll head back next week and take that swim opportunity. Thanks


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