Friday, 25 October 2013

High Flying High Rise

Yes, this is a tree but if you look a bit closer you will see what makes this tree interesting.






Theses are metallic starlings. One of the first times I saw them in the wild was back here in August. But I have seen the resident ones at the Cairns Wildlife Dome quite regularly.

The adult has brilliant red eyes, a long tail and green-glossed black plumage. Immature birds are pale below with dark streaks.

 It is native of New Guinea and nearby Australasian islands, and a limited area of north-eastern Australia. They migrate during August to the northern regions of Queensland, where they mate, preparing messy globular nests for their young which hang from tall trees. There they remain until April, whereupon they make their return journey to New Guinea. Wikipedia

These birds have chosen a tree between a servo (service station) and a shopping centre (really it is in the car park) to create a noisy hive of activity.

The birds have built a high flying, high rise apartment complex, filling the lower branches of a tree with their untidy nests. I wouldn't think that would be my chosen place to raise children but it seems to suit them well enough.

They are curious looking birds with their googly red eyes. They didn't seem at all concerned by my company at the bottom of the tree.

They fly to and from the nest regularly and dip inside their nest to feed their young.

On occasion they would startle and the whole flock would disappear in an instant leaving their nests and moving to another tree but then they all came back just as suddenly.

Do you have any curious looking animals near your place?

Wild Bird Wednesday

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  1. So many in one tree. What a nest .... construction must take ages.

  2. Beautiful birds. Their nests are very interesting.

  3. Great looking bird - that bright red eye really stands out!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  4. Jacana, I know the nests almost look like one huge nest and the number of birds. I'm not sure how long it takes them to make their messy nest.

  5. Gunilla, They are interesting birds and nests.

  6. Stewart, It is an interesting bird and those glossy black feathers are so pretty. The red eye I find a little scary looking, it is very piercing but it certainly makes them stand out.


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