Thursday, 17 October 2013

Trumpeting in Pink

This tree, as far as I can find out, is a Tabebuia heterophylla otherwise known as a Pink Trumpet Tree, a White Cedar or a Pink Cedar. Right now it has burst into flower all around the city, showering roads, cars and footpaths with withering pink flowers as they drop from its branches.

We have a few smaller trees, meaning a couple of meters tall, near our place. The flowers are so delicate or lacy looking, like a ruffled skirt.


Up among the branches of this tree I could see that a nest has been made using leaves. I'm not sure whose nest it is.

These flowers looked so pretty in the year morning sun against clear blue skies.


This tree is a evergreen or semi deciduous tree that is native to the Caribbean.

What is flowering around your place? Has spring arrived?




This week has been cloudy, muggy and hot so it is nice to look at these photos with clear blue skies to remind me that this is the colour hiding behind the clouds.

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  1. Oh wow that is an unusual nest. Beautiful flowers :)
    Spring has certainly sprung here, I am loving all the flowers(and the sun coming out just a bit more.

  2. Gorgeous flowers! And a very cool nest. I wonder what kind of bird makes something so elaborate. Keep an eye on it...

  3. I like this tree. I want on of these in my garden. Do you know if they grow in colder climates like the bottom half of Australia? What an incredibly detailed nest. Amazing photos as always.

  4. Gorgeous flowers! And a very interesting nest. I wonder what kind of bird makes such an elaborate nest?

  5. Hi Alicia, It is a very unusual nest I am just hoping it isn't one of those tree green ant nests. The flowers and warming weather is a good thing about spring.

  6. Hi Lani, They are very pretty flowers. I am not sure what type of nest it is but it looks suspiciously like a tree green ant nest, ick. I could be wrong and it could belong to a bird or some bees. I will have to try and find out.

  7. Hi Jacana, I have no idea about where this tree would successfully grow. It is from the Caribbean so is definitely a tropical tree but no reason you couldn't experiment especially if someone happened to find the seeds when they come on and send them your way. Thanks

  8. You have to admit there are some beautiful tree's and flower's that grow in the tropics and to see them reach their full potential is amazing, all our flowers and flowering tree's are just starting to finish down here it is a wonder they got to keep their flower's as the winds down this way would blow the skin off a bald mans head at times.


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