Thursday, 3 October 2013

Rainbow Lorikeets

Every morning I hear these jewel coloured beauties flying around and greeting the morning with vigour. I had suspicions they were hanging out nearby. This morning I decided to go for a wander and check them out, to see if I could track them down.

Well I did track them down, they weren't hard to find, all I had to do was listen. I didn't even have to leave our street, as short as it is. They were just there, in the trees outside, in the trees around the corner as well as  up the road. 

They were feasting on flowers or nectar having a grand old time flitting from tree to tree, parading among the branches and completely enjoying a noisy, sweet breakfast.

I love hearing and seeing these energetic parrots.

They are such characters, they have attitude. They will be strutting around the tree like they are on a cat walk one moment and be hanging upside down and acting like clowns the next. I swear they are never still and certainly hard to get photos of among the leaves.

I can't believe how lucky I am, how grateful I am that there is such beauty so close by.

They light up the trees bringing noise, life and colour to where ever they happen to be. 

One thing I love about the tropics is the bird life, it is here in abundance.

What are you loving around your place?


  1. These are such pretty birds... and what a treat that they're just nearby! :)

  2. Such lovely photo's Anne well we have mountain lorries down this way and Roselle's and they love the tree at our back door they come in every morning but don't seem to venture off to far as they are always around.

  3. Beautiful colors, lovely setting. Such clarity.

  4. Wonderful photos of these colourful birds!

  5. Hi Buckeroomama, I am so lucky, they are beautiful. I think they will be my morning photo therapy until they move on. They just seem so bright and happy.

  6. Hi Kerry, thanks. The birds seem to find somewhere cooler in the middle of the day and will disappear over summer.

  7. Hi Janice, Thanks for looking in and thank you for your comments.

  8. Hi Gunilla, thank you very much and thanks for dropping in.

  9. I love seeing colourful parrots around my place. You have got some great shots of them near you. I love them, such a privilege to see them :)Thanks for sharing yours :)

  10. My first time here. I am a follower of you.

    I added my shadow pictures Thursday.

    I just joined this one.

    My pictures and my other pictures if you scroll down. Is on my blog.

    Appreciate if you follow me or just to comment is fine.

    Anyhow. I have added you.

    Friends who become true are the best kind.

    Havea great day Anne

    Carol Ann

  11. You've pinched my next blog post!!!! Stay tuned - I'll add my Rainbow Lorikeets in a few weeks.
    They're strikingly beautiful birds but boy they can kick up a fuss with their calls. Lovely post, Anne.

  12. Ahhh Nooo disaster rockysprings (Mandy). No not really. I can't wait to see your Rainbow Lorikeets. I can never see them enough. Also have seen latest Outback magazine now, woohoo! Thanks

  13. Hi Alicia, Thanks. I love having them nearby but boy do they move which makes photos hard. What parrots are around your place?

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  15. Hi Carol Ann, thanks for stopping here to visit. I saw that they were for the shadows theme. I have added photos too now because it looks fun.


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