Monday, 7 October 2013

Looking Back

 It is interesting how things can seem the same or so different when you look back.
The last few days, with the final school term for the year pending, I have been thinking back to this time over the last few years.


It was a Friday and I was living on The Station.
I headed to the big smoke, meaning Townsville, on this day.
It is the day Mr Sparky asked me to be his partner in crime, his girlfriend, his womanfriend.

Here is a blog post I wrote that fell around this time.


 This day was a Saturday and I arrived back at The Station to take on the last term of the school year and my last term there. 
I had just experienced one of the saddest, happiest, most family filled, busy holidays I have ever and hope to ever experience. 
It was a pretty messy, emotional time.

 On this day I wrote a couple of blog posts to 'catch up' found here and here. With the hectic days that seemed to come with term 4 and station life I don't think I ever filled in the blanks about that holiday that involved a funeral and a wedding, well not those parts of it anyway.


I had returned with a fabric stash to create with which to this date is still an unfinished project.


6/10/13 and 7/10/13

The day has begun in peaceful Tablelands farm fashion.
I haven't really taken any photos for a change, yet anyway, and so these are from yesterday evening, the 6th.


What were you doing at this time in the past?

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  1. Amazing photos. I just got all my photos transferred to cd from my old computer and have loved looking back!!

  2. You know I don't have a clue! This time two years ago I was a month away from having my third child. And last year I had just been over the border visiting camping friends(the only reason I knew that because I checked the blog). handy having a blog to check back on things. you certainly did a lot of travelling last year :)

  3. I know Alicia, thank goodness for the blog to look back on or photos. It sounds like your life has changed a bit in the last few years.

  4. Hi Ann, I love looking back over photos and seeing what has changed, how people have grown. I think it is good to see where you have come from and what has been achieved even the small things.

  5. I was pregnant with my daughter :) We had just found out that we were having a girl <3
    I love your reflections and photos!

  6. Thanks Kaz. How exciting, I bet you life has changed a lot. I like looking back to see where I have been.

  7. I actually recall reading your posts when you returned to the station for the last time. I cannot believe that was a year ago.
    This time of the year is easy for me to recall as it is my Dad's birthday.

  8. Hi Jacana, I can't believe it was a year ago either. The families' current govie is on her last term now. Your Dad's Birthday, that does make it easy. Thanks for hanging out here so long :)


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