Friday, 11 October 2013

Vege Time

Today I finally did what I have wanted to for a while. I headed to Rusty's Markets to buy our veges.
I bought from one stall, a Mareeba farmer, selling fresh off the farm produce.

I got us two zucchinis ..

Three cucumbers ...

A golden nugget pumpkin which I've only ever seen from the family farm, never in a shop ...

Four squash ...

and three capsicums.

It cost a grand total of $11.80 and will feed us for a while.

As an added extra I found us a couple of mangoes from Darwin which weren't so cheap but hopefully taste good. I can't wait for mango season to start here.

Where do you get your fruit and veges?

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  1. They look nice plus that is pretty cheap is that not?

  2. Hi Carol Ann, I thought it was pretty good and most was cheaper per kg than in the supermarket ie the capsicums are around the $5 per kg in the shop but were $4 per kg at the market.

  3. Most of mine comes from the supermarket. At least you know that these are fresh off the farm, gawd knows with some of the stuff you get at the supermarket. Hopefully I get a fair bit from the garden this Summer, I've just had my broad beans with our dinner tonight :)

  4. The first few pictures .... the fruit looks so perfect I wondered why you were taking pictures of plastic fruit until I started to read. I have just got back from Perth and also did a fruit and veg shop at the markets. It always seems so much fresher and full of colour in comparison to the supermarket version.

  5. It is good that you can buy straight from the farmer this is something I do support in Bega there is a local fruit and veg shop in the back streets that sell straight from the farmer but I'm hoping when Nan and Vicki move down I will start my own garden love fresh veggies.


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