Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Friend Willy

The other day, while out taking photos of trees in flower (that post will come just as soon as I find out its name), it seemed as if I was being followed or sometimes lead by a little friend. A little Willy Wagtail friend. I love these happy little fellows, they just make me want to smile even when they have their bossy boots on. This one was flitting from fence to fence sometimes staying close enough that I could nearly have reached out to touch it.

Sometimes they are such a protective, noisy, rousing kind of bird and other times they seem so happy, friendly and playful.

On my way back home I found another little friend who was up to the same playful antics.

Not letting me too close but happy to be nearby.

What do you think about Willy Wagtails? Are they friendly or bossy?

Wild Bird Wednesday

Ahh we have come to Wednesday already. What a busy week this one is.
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  1. I love Willy Wagtails. Their chirping always makes me feel happy. There is one that lives at my parent's house who loves to chat in the middle of the night, especially when there is a full moon! It is hard to feel annoyed when he sounds so cheerful:)

  2. There a great little bird can be bossy at times sad to say I haven't seen any down here it might be due to a pare of Indian miners that are in this area, I was walking around the other day and I saw at the base of four tree's eggs broken on the ground which I guessed was the work of these mongrel birds (Indian miners)

  3. Hi Kate, I love them too, such a happy bird but when they have a nest nearby they can be very bossy. The pet budgie at my Mum's house can even copy them being bossy. They do like a good night time chat don't they but like you said they are so cheerful.


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