Monday, 28 October 2013

Black and White Gardens

Last week we headed to the Botanic Gardens again but as we missed our bus and the next didn't arrive for another hour we caught the but that stops on the Centenary Lakes side of the gardens. This meant we got a nice walk and saw some nice trees. The downside being that there is not much in the way of flowers on this side.

We did however see bamboo,

enchanted forest like pathways,

ferns growing way up high,

the outside and inside of the Tanks Arts Centre,

a swinging birds nest,

a butterfly or two,

and near the end of our walk some flowers up in the tree top.

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Grab button for one mother hen


  1. Once again your photography has blown me away..... simply stunning. Like the hanging birds nest

  2. Beautiful photos, very effective in black and white. Love the bamboo.

  3. Stunning pictures. I love black and white photography. You have a real talent.

  4. I love the bamboo and the tank arts centre photo, they look great in B&W. I'm trying to find out what looks ok in black and white for myself, I don't do much black and white.

  5. Hi Jacana, Thanks, yet again. Glad you liked it. It is another interesting nest.

  6. Thanks Lizzy Allen. I like to try out black and white or sepia on occasion. I think it can change the feel of a photo.

  7. Thanks Alicia, I take all my photos in colour and then edit them into black and white if I like it I save it if I don't I reverse it. I think having good contrast of light and shadow works better.


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