Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pie Addiction

Our current, temporary Nova staff member/ councillor is from New Zealand via Japan. Lets call him V. Now V has settled in nicely, actually it would be nice to keep him but there are other plans. On the first day he decided that he should introduce the students to the humble Aussie pie for lunch stating that they are something he misses because 'you just can't get pies like that in Japan.'

Well one of the students is now on a pie crusade needing to try the best ones in town. He found the name of the pie shop or bakery Meldrums in his Cairns guide book which said they were the best. Well not to be left out of this little obsession, yesterday I gave them a go. Okay, the guide book was right. They are some seriously good pies. Pies in Paradise ... I think it should become Paradise in a Pie. Yum! So you are thinking wow she is going nuts over just a pie. Well check out the menu and see if you can see a flavour that tickles your fancy.

Okay so the prices are, well, a bit much really but they are good for something different to my normally packed lunch.

The pies even look good, all golden and flaky.

Then there was the sweeter side of things. Don't look you might drool on your keyboard.

Well I decided to go with a steak, tomato and onion pie. It was a good choice. I have decided that what really make a good pie is the pastry and being able to eat it without sauce.

Inside my tasty pie there were pieces of tomato, slices of onion and chunks of steak. Now who doesn't love to get a steak pie and find tender STEAK in it rather than mince or chewy rubber stuff.

Now this cosy little pie cave is found on Grafton Street in down town Cairns. So if you like a pie or a good bakery and happen to be in town I'd seek it out and give it a go.

For a bit of a story about how I learnt to appreciate a good pie check out this post. For an example of when we appreciated pies or bakeries check out here.

Are you a pie fan? What is your favourite flavour?
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  1. Seriously think that pies might be one of my new fav food since moving to australia. Being gluten intolerant I can't have them often but when I do...heaven!

  2. The only problem with so many flavours is what to have! There's a good month worth of lunches there if you wanted to try them all! I don't eat pies much, but I always go the plain pie. Boring aren't I?

  3. My family loves pies for some reason. You have just given me a whole pile of ideas for the pie maker in our home - thanks.

  4. Nathalia, I bet you make it worth your while when you do break out and have a pie. I think ones from bakeries or homemade are the best. I love the flaky pastry!

  5. Hi Alicia, Yes there are so many flavours. Mum used to make beef stroganoff pies with left overs they were pretty tasty. Sometimes a plain pie is the way to go, can see how good they really are.

  6. Hi Jacana, How could they not love pies. For me it is the pastry fix more than anything. Mum, and now I, used to use leftovers from meals in pies like beef stroganoff, apricot chicken, spaghetti mince, anything really. Happy to share the flavour ideas.


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