Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Remember last week how there was that lunar Eclipse, the night of the blood moon? 
Who made sure they checked it out?

Well I was looking forward to it and then I forgot about it. I remembered on the highway when I saw that pretty big moon which I pulled up to snap. Buuttt then I forgot again.


I did have an awesome reason to forget though as I finally managed to catch up with a friend from my governessing days (wow that seems so long ago). It has been a couple of years even though she is so close to my parent's place. It just seems that we try to plan a catch up and something always gets in the way, usually my lack of organisation in super short trips to visit the family.

Well we did it, we caught up over dinner. I met her sister and nephew. We experienced some fine dining in down town Toowoomba. The company was awesome, I forgot how wonderful it was to hang out together and just chat about this and that. The fine dining is not something I have experienced often but honestly could they at least have put more than a tiny piece of meat, a sprinkle of lettuce and a couple of bits of veg on my plate. I think I'll take home cooked or a pub style meal that fills the plate any day. After picking up my sister I fed her something a little more fast foodish on the way back to the farm (this was great practice for my very rusty night, rural driving skills, no roos, yay!). My mum had ended up making my sis dinner so to save on wastage (not that this would ever happen) I guzzled it down to make my growling tummy happy.

Enough about food and back to food for the soul. Isn't it special when you find the kind of friendships that have build memories together and who despite time and distance can pick up like it was yesterday that you last caught up rather than 2+ years. We certainly had some fun together out in the bush with show balls, rodeos and school events but, well, what happens in the outback stays in the outback, some of it anyway. Thanks for making the effort and making me make the effort for our short catch up, may we have another sooner rather than later.

So I was saying I forgot about the moon thing, that is until my sister messaged me to say they were watching it while I was stuck a road works before picking her up. Woops, goldfish memory. When I got to good old Oakey town to pick her up I snapped a quick shot 


but then I had to wait until I got back to the family farm. Then I took a few to see how the moon changed.










  1. Wow they are great pictures. We were so excited to see this the other night and it was cloudy and we saw nothing!!

    1. This was the first lunar event I have managed to see this year ... I know what you would have been feeling. Thanks!

  2. I saw it about 9:30 pm. Just a short glance when I was putting some garbage out. Should have taken a bit more notice and watched it longer. Great photos. I should have maybe attempted to take a shot.

  3. I have missed so many lunar events with work and weather that I am so glad I caught this one. It looked pretty cool. You'll have to check it out next time. Thanks

  4. I always forget too. Glad you enjoyed a good catch-up :)
    I love your photos.

    1. I tell myself to remember but myself forgets to remind me and life gets in the way. It was a great catch up. Thank you!


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