Friday, 24 October 2014

Rewind to the visitors

So I mentioned, a while ago now, that I had a few visitors around. So just to put this into context it was about a month ago, that context shows my shocking ability to keep blogged events up to date.

First off I had two visitors.

They arrived by ship (lucky them).

Just here for the day.

I got bored while waiting. Well not really. I do recall a lovely lady once telling us kids that if we were bored we had no brains because people with brains have imaginations and can always think of something to do (or something like that). Thanks Mrs C for that lovely wisdom, it has stayed with me and I am not often bored.

Anyway when cruise companies say they will dock at 9am and they are doing ship to shore you never know how long you will have to wait.

While waiting I took photos, too many photos. Every time I saw a cat or tinder coming in I would head over to see if my visitors were on it. I think I had to wait an hour and a half in all.

Lucky there was a little piece of sand and water to keep me happy ...

... and to dip my toes in.

There they are, fresh off a tender. My Aunt and Uncle, all the way from Sydney! Now I don't expect you to pick them out of the crowd, but I did.

Now cruise ships do basically one of two things here. They either come and dock at Trinity Inlet near downtown Cairns or they do ship to shore at Yorkey's Knob. My Aunt and Uncle came in at Yorkey's Knob boat club. They had nothing planned and had decided that I could be their tour guide for a few hours so we could hang out. They weren't fussed on what we did but wanted to see the rainforest and the city.

First stop was Yorkey's Knob beach, just around the Knob. It certainly wasn't at its prettiest with the water whipped up and a lovely brown from the tides changing.

We drove past cane fields that were of interest.

We found Lake Placid and dreamed of paddling.

We stopped by the Barron Gorge Hydro where Autumn was on show even though it was Spring and where the weaving water was appreciated.

We then dropped into the Crystal Cascades to tick the rainforest box.

We walked along the waters edge and watched for fish which my Uncle exclaimed over due to their size.

We made it to the main waterfall, another region icon.

On the walk back we saw more wildlife. There was fish as well as blue butterflies and some turtles which certainly tickled my Aunt's fancy.

Then it was time to hit the city. I made sure to drive in along the main highway so they could see the size. My Uncle though Cairns was just a fair sized tourist town, maybe a bit like Airlie Beach, and was amazed by the size and amount of businesses in the city size city. 

We walked part of the Esplanade and my Uncle commented that 'they never tell you about this'. This being the mudflat when the tide is out.

We stopped by the lagoon then relaxed with some lunch.

It was far too soon when it was time to return them to Yorkies. A quick drink at the boat club and it was time to say farewell.

There they go. Goodbye until next time which is hopefully closer than a few years.

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