Thursday, 2 October 2014

Weekend jaunt: the road less traveled

So after leaving the Longhorn place, managing not to take any horns or other such things with us (thank goodness, it is something Mr Sparky and I will never agree on I fear) we headed north. Instead of heading back the way we had come, across to Townsville then North to Cairns, we took the inland road, the Gregory Developmental road.

I had never headed this way. I love taking new roads, especially when I get to enjoy the view rather than drive. Mind you I love driving but so does Mr Sparky so I just leave him to it unless I have the burning urge to.

We stopped on the edge of the road when we saw a nice spot for a bit of lunch. Those little gas cookers for camping are so handy to cart around. It was sausages, again. I think this was now our third meal of them, ugh.

It was a pretty spot with shade and water in view.

So I left Mr Sparky to supervise the cooking and found interesting little things to photograph instead.

We then jumped back in the car to head to our next stop.

The road got skinnier, then fatter, then skinnier. There were cattle on the side of the road,

more mostly dry creeks to cross,

 and a train track to follow.

Now what are those lyrics ...

From Townsville to Greenvale we're building a line

Through the ranges and gorges to the great nickel mine

The long days are dusty and hotter than hell 

And that's why we all worship Three Rivers Hotel

Driving through this area, following the railway line and knowing we were going to go past Greenvale this Slim Dusty song got stuck in my head. It is actually a tribute to the characters that built the line written by Stan Coster who was at that time a grader driver. It is about the mess hall that the camp used rather than the current Three Rivers Hotel which took the same name
There are more of the lyrics here and is more about the song here.

The next interesting sight was mustering. What a treat for me and my camera.

We then pulled into Mount Surprise where much to Mr Sparky' surprise the pub had no rooms but the tourist park/ cafe next door did. Mr Sparky used to come here to do electrical work with his old boss. I loved it, loved the atmosphere. Not sure I could live there but a great place to run away to the bush in (then again after the station and now the city I think I can live anywhere). It is a tiny town with a lot of passing truck traffic and a lot of bird life.

After a recovery beverage at the pub I left Mr Sparky to some much longed for coffee and went for a sunset walk.

It refreshed me and wow how exciting are those Galahs. We don't get them in Cairns and I miss the sound of them.

One more to go, the trip back to Cairns, and the adventure will be at an end.

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