Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Sand, Sea, Satin and Lace

It is wedding time of year, that warmer spring air has many a person tying the knot, not me however just to clear up that is post isn't about my wedding before anyone gets too excited.
This weekend just gone one of my cousins got married to the man of her dreams, in their dream ceremony at the Sunshine Coast.

The bride looked beautiful.

The groom scrubbed up well.

The father of the bride sighed with relief when the day was done.

They had a waterfront wedding.

Sis C and Miss E (her daughter)

Bro S chilling

Selfie time with Sis G, Bro S and little Miss E

Then a reception by the water.

G and Mum and Miss E enjoying good company and good food

It was great to catch up with family and have a bit of fun.

 Now of cause a beach wedding means a beachy long weekend was in store for us. The us in the us being my parents and siblings. I am down on the Downs visiting and it is always great to put a put of real beach in my holiday making.

We had a super nice unit as beachfront as we could get in that area, just a couple of roads and medium strips between us and it. We spent our weekend mostly at Alexandra Headlands.

Pretty good view, I can tell you.

We spent some time down on the beach.

The water had a bit of nip about it but once you were wet it was pretty good. Getting wet was the problem.

We probably spent too much time in the sun, but it was so nice. I think I got my tog tan back.

Killing time waiting for Sis C and family

Sis C and her little family came down to meet us which meant staying down at the beach a little bit longer, what a shame.

My niece, Miss E, was certainly pulling off some major swimsuit cuteness and even got her Grandad getting his toes wet. Not that she ended up being all that keen on the toes wet part. We have this legendary family photo showing Sis C at the beach with tears rolling down her face because she didn't want to touch the sand. Well her daughter can pull it off to, like mother, like daughter.

Next stop was the pool at the unit, lets call it the second beach rinse off (we did use the beach showers first). Then food and more food with morning tea and lunch out with the extended family.

It was a pretty nice day, maybe not quite as relaxing as was envisioned for our only full day, but nice all the same.

Boat watching, very relaxing

Being a long weekend (labor day) there was n school on Monday so we had another short morning beach side before packing up to head home.

Big ship coming through

We even fit in another short swim at the beach. Always have to make room for one more. The water was still chilly but once wet some body surfing and sand burn were the order of the day. Me being the sand burn recipient from letting the waves take me too far up the beach, ouch. But really what is a beach trip without a bit of sand burn to go with the salty hair and sand in your togs. Love it!

The final pack up was done and then the usual beach holiday stomping ground was our destination for some morning tea.

We ended up near Bulcock Beach, Kings Beach, which was where we wanted to go had no parking. Long weekends make that part of getting around a bit hard.

We sat by the water and enjoyed watching people at play.

Miss E had her charm on, like always, and was excitedly pointing out birds and flowers, taking in everything around her. My Sis C organised us for some family photos and a nice man walking past took one of the lot of us. It is nice to get pics as we are all together so little.

Then it really was time to head back inland. We all wanted it to last a bit longer, just one day, maybe two, make that a week, a year, a lifetime. We all kind of love the beach.


  1. Looks like a fab weekend. must have been awesome catching up with family xx

    1. It was so lovely to catch up with everyone and it was also great to hit the coast.


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