Monday, 6 October 2014

Playing with the moon

Well I'm not in Cairns, that is a start.
Instead I am visiting family. Yay!
It has been busy, busy, go, go, go since I arrived (mind you it is like that with or without my presence).
This afternoon we got back from a short coastal long weekend. Short because it wasn't long enough. Never is.
After unpacking I nicked off outside to play with the moon. Let me tell you, that moon is good company, and a bit of fun too.

Now if you are family (and even if you are not) think of a very cute, cheeky and curly red headed Miss E pointing and saying with high pitched wonder "moon" as many times as she can and every time she sees it.

 Come on and join her, make sure you add the wonder part ... "moon!"

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