Friday, 10 October 2014

Flighing High, Heading South

First of all I am a window seat person, second of all, you might have noticed from recent posts that I have not been in the Far North (or Tropical North as the tourism operators are trying to get it changed to ... how about Tropical Far North, just a suggestion and all descriptive words are true). Put two and two together and you guessed it I have been flying. Add in the title and you guessed it again, I flew south. I've been down on the Darling Downs, visiting family (oh how I can't wait for that new Toowoomba/ Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport to do direct flights to Cairns).

I flew down at the crack of dawn about a week and a half ago (with one of my visitors that I hinted at earlier). I love the early morning flights but my Mum might not be so impressed with pick up times, other than the fact that it is me of cause. My flight takes less time than it does for her to drive to the airport hence the wish for that new airport to hurry up with direct flights.

Now even in the air I have my camera at hand. I love the window seat and watching the changing landscape or cloudscape below. I feel sorry for fellow passengers when I get stuck in the middle of aisle seat, they must feel very watched. Honestly I am not looking at them, I am trying to see the view. I have no problem with heights obviously, well that is until I am standing on land on my own to feet, then it is hit and miss on whether I feel comfortable or not.

Not only are early morning flights great because of the light and sunrise and pretty colours but they also mean an early arrival time so you have the whole day ahead. 

So can you guess what airline? I can never fault their service and there is the fact that you don't have to pay extra for luggage or food, oh and they were cheapest at the time. We had an awesome newer plane with a t.v screen for each person with movies to choose, or games or t.v shows. So cool!
What do you think of the flying kangaroo? Are you a window seat person too?


  1. Great shots Ann - funny how you and I both did flying posts this week. Our little plane did NOT have TVs I can assure you. Same airline though!

    1. Thanks, love the view from the sky. It is a bit coincidental isn't it. My return flight, same airline, wasn't anywhere near as high tech. I mostly just enjoy looking out the window, reading or doing find-a-words anyway when I fly.


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