Sunday, 12 October 2014

Visiting my Roots

Okay, last post I was high in the air and landing in Brisbane. This one I have made it to the family farm, phew! Now this was Monday, almost a fortnight ago (maybe exactly a fortnight when you read this).

Of cause, other than saying hello and dumping my stuff all the way from the back door to my old bedroom (sorry Mum, old habits die hard), one of the first must do things is getting outside and re-orientating.

Another must do is the piglet check ...

'Come on, I can see you with that food.'

There were four litters of varying ages.

Dinner time!

What a cutie (excuse the poop).

Then there were the older ones. The pork chops, the pork roasts and ...

On the move.

 ... the ham. Yum!

Only survivor and hand raised this 'ham' is heading for the freezer.

Peek-a-boo (love this shot for some reason)

Decorated tree. Can you see the moon way up high?


  1. What lovely little piggies! The sun and moon shots are just fabulous!

    1. Thanks, they are pretty cute. I love sunrise and sunset and trying to see it different ways.

  2. PS I was wondering why you had no comment even with the Communal Global connection--it seems you didn't link up with the rest of the participants. I know some memes use the comments for links, but we don't :)

  3. I like that peek a boo shot too :)

    1. I think it is because it is a peek at them happily doing their thing that I like.


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