Thursday, 2 October 2014

The End of the Weekend Jaunt

Again I was up before the sun on the last morning of our tripping weekend (we had a long 3 day one) otherwise known as up with the galahs. Can you notice a pattern in my sleeping habits? Are you a morning person?

Being awake before the sun is up makes me want to go out and be part of the early morning and capture the start of the day.

Now if you remember I was in Mount Surprise. So up for the early morning photo offerings were plenty of trees, plenty of trucks and ...

truckloads of Galahs (not literally of cause, just flocks really).

Now I think galahs are some of the silliest birds going, maybe that is why in all fondness someone who does something a bit silly is often called a silly galah. They were certainly active and enjoying the morning, silly antics and all.

After relaxing with his morning coffees Mr Sparky had joined me as I walked back into the middle of town and we decided to check out the railway station in the morning quiet (well except those galahs, noisy things they are).

It was pretty cute and even had a display of old tools and photos with information about the building of the railway.

It was then time to hit the road again.

The landscape changed from browns to greens and from flat to hilly as we made out way onto the Atherton Tablelands. We did the Ravenshoe bakery stop for breakfast, I was sooo hungry by then. Not only am I a sunrise person, I am a eat as soon as I get up person, after some sunrise photos that is.

We did our obligatory strawberry farm stop for a punnet of some big, tasty strawberries.

We then did the me squealing over brolgas fast pull over so I could get photos move. Honestly, I am like a kid in my excitement over seeing things like this.

Then is was down the dreaded Gillies Range and past the cane fields on the outskirts of town before heading into Cairns city and home.

So that is it (phew, finally), the end of out weekend jaunt to Charters Towers and back in a super extended version. It was a lot of driving, a lot of fun and just plain relaxing to get out of the city. Do you like a good driving weekend or holiday to see new sights?


  1. I love a good scenic road trip. Oh and I call that time of the morning 'sparrows fart' haha.
    Fantastic photos as usual xx

    1. I do too, I miss getting out on the road as often as I used to. I call it that too lol. Thank you Alicia.


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