Tuesday, 14 October 2014


SO I am sticking to the up in the air theme for now. While I was visiting the family farm I got to tag along to the land owners day put on by the nearby army aviation base. People on farms around the area that the base practice over get to come along, check out the museum, see some displays and eat (very important the eat part). What a cool idea hey.

Now they have great equipment, you can hear them practicing low night flying over the farm pretty much every night. How low can you go? I recall one time, while hanging out washing, being able to clearly see those in the chopper as they just cleared the trees near the house one afternoon. The trees are shorter than the house. The running joke is that they could probably count the flowers on our undies hanging on the line they were that low.

Now I have been to the museum before but not one of these shindigs, the family got invited after I wasn't hanging around there so much. Mr Sparky would have loved checking everything out, but well me, a plane is a plane and a helicopter is a helicopter. I like looking but I don't want to know everything about them. I want awesome photos and I want to travel in them though. Isn't it good when you blog about something you know nothing about. That is what the pictures are for, so you can see or even tell me what I am going on about.


As you can see below, someone in our party (not the only one) was a little over the planes and helicopters that he has seen before and sick of people catching up that aren't his friends. Actually he made it clear he didn't want to go anywhere before we even arrived. 

So Bro S and I decided to make a little fun with some interesting photos (fun posing for him and interesting photography ability from me).

Swinging from a propeller.


Push harder!

Wing hanger.

Then it was time to head outside and check out the big boys that thunder above the farm regularly.

Another propeller stunt.

I'm just too tired to hold it up.

Oh and for anyone whose knowledge of choppers comes from M.A.S.H. ... this is for you.

Then it was time to feast. Something we were looking forward to.

Isn't it nice when you go places just for the free food, oh and the scenery.

They brought in the big guns, in a lot less uniform, to start packing up tents and such so it was time for us to go. It was good to see familiar faces and hang out with the family.

Do you like planes and choppers?


  1. Those old planes in the pics are very impressive...I'll be honest choppers scare me (I just don't really get how they fly). Free food is always a bonus. Looks like you had a ball,,,

    1. I do like looking at history and the old planes are pretty cool. I've never been up in a chopper but would love to.


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