Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Setting Sail

I can't sleep so I am going to blog instead, then hopefully I will be able to sleep like a log.
Looking back at Sis G's visit, there are a few more things we did I can share. She was here for pretty much four days after all and it is amazing what you can fit in.

She arrived Thursday and I shared out Esplanade/ boat/ beach tour with you already. On Friday we checked off another thing that she hadn't done before and headed to Green Island for a few hours.

It was the perfect day for it really, clear sky, calm water. A great day for a boat ride.

The city grew smaller and smaller as we headed out. Kind of an obvious observation really.

We sped past a bit of water traffic, including a ship we had been checking out the day before.

Then before we knew it we were getting closer and closer to Green Island, another obvious observation.

Watching the scenery from the back deck as well as other tourists visitors passengers having fun posing in the wind, using scarves as props, or just posing on the back of the boat made the trip speed by. I think our skipper also had a lead foot. I was amazed by how the water changed colour gradually along the way. Last time I went it was a bit to rough and wet to notice things like that.

Then we were there and it was time to get down to some island fun.

Now for those who don't know Green Island has a long jetty that you walk along to get to the island and it is a great place to see what you can see in the water below.

We opted to do both options that you are offered as part of your fare which means we payed for one. The first thing we did was snorkeling before getting our of the midday sun by going on the other option, the glass bottom boat. Now I have just realised there is not one underwater snorkeling photo here so guess what ... I'll just chuck them up in a different post, another time. I do however have some pics from the glass bottom boat ready to go.

After getting back we scoffed a quick lunch (we packed our own) and it was time to get back on the cat to Cairns. Too short but just right. I could have spent more time relaxing but wasn't too upset about getting out of the sun.

We passed more water traffic as we headed back to Cairns on a packed boat. Green Island drifted off into the distance, actually more like sped.

We got closer and closer to the mainland.

We passed that hip again (I think they were waiting for the right tide).

Then just like that we were back t the marina with a walk back to the car ahead of us.

We might have nipped into maccas for an icy drink on the way past. Gee it was a bit warm. I think the weather that week was more uncomfortable than it is currently. On that note though it is nowhere near as hot here as other parts of QLD this week, for a change.

I can hardly believe this was all over a month ago. Wow time is flying by this year. Do you think it gets faster every year?


  1. The water is so clear --perfect for snorkelling!

    1. It was lovely and clear and we did go snorkeling. I must remember to post those photos.

  2. The water is so amazingly clear


  3. I'm convinced it goes faster each year! Your photos are just wonderful. I hope to see Aussie for myself some day soon but, until then, thanks for sharing!

    1. So glad I'm not the only one. I hope to see NZ one day too, maybe we need to swap places. Thank you!

  4. What a wonderful excursion! Thank you for this virtual escape from the late autumn weather around here,

    1. No problem. We are fast heading for summer so I would love some Autumn weather about now. I am glad you enjoyed your virtual escape.


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